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SOUERMEI German craft Taiwan weaving (Chinese seal 20162640418)

Brand excellent

A number of hospitals recommended brand, high visibility

Selling points enough

Two types of medical equipment, a number of international institutions certification

High quality

Multinational craft weaving, Germany advanced technology, Taiwan manufacturers production

Wide market

Hospitals and users demand, need to wear a lifetime purchase

Product full

Focus on the development of home medical equipment, and constantly enrich and improve the product

Sale bar

Professional after-sales service team, first-class service attitude.

Low condition

Short investment cycle, low cost, high return

Prospects are wide

0 yuan to help you achieve career dream.

"0" initial fee you invest it?

Why the Asians are concerned about re?

National hospitals are concerned about the re in the end how good?

Shop three good products can withstand picky!

Investment policy


Open a new era of medical device market


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Investment Profit Analysis
product Reputation Medical device registration card price Pressure value Size and applicable crowd other
Taiwan Ermei Brand awareness, access to FDA, CE and many other international certification, etc .; hospital devaluation brand; .China
.Taiwan has both places
Moderate standard 5 for Asians Imported materials, production in Taiwan, the product model of the whole, the pressure of precision fit the perfect Asian legs, and improve after-sales service team
Foreign imports of similar products Brand awareness is low, most of the domestic institutions have not been certified Part of the Chinese mainland medical registration card High Mostly low <5 for Europeans Investment costs are too high, a single product profit margins, after-sales service docking difficult, not suitable for joining agents
Other Taiwanese products Brand awareness is low, most did not obtain Taiwan or mainland certification Most did not get medical registration certificate Moderate Mostly low <5 for Europeans General material, Taiwan production; product model single; did not obtain medical registration certificate there is medical risk
Mainland similar products Brand awareness is low, poor user experience Part of the mainland medical registration card Uneven height Uneven height <5 kinds suitable for Asians Material quality, pressure is not allowed, the market messy, low cost。
exclusivegenerous servicePolicy, unprecedented Wealth business opportunities!

Join conditions

Join the Shure US SOUERMEI medical elastic stockings is a short investment cycle, low cost, high return on a long project.
  • ▲ Have a good reputation and credibility of the individual or business
  • ▲ Main medical equipment, care products, hospital orthopedics, rehabilitation, vascular surgery and other products business
  • ▲ Have the investment business strength of the individual or business

Business model

  • Zero fee
  • Legally authorized
  • Area protection