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As a well-known medical socks brand manufacturers, re US SOUERMEI medical elastic socks as an anti-thrombosis and prevention of varicose veins is one of the effective means, has been domestic and foreign vascular surgery experts and patients widely accepted and used, the product by clinical use, The effect is very obvious. Only the strong production of scientific research strength to ensure that the professional quality of the product, so the production of medical elastic stockings need to strictly follow the precise production process and strict quality control of each process, the only way to make the product to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

Production Process
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Raw material selection and packing

Before the knitting, need to be prepared in advance with the effect of stress treatment of the yarn. After the yarn is covered, it can uniformly disperse the force, thereby functioning as a protective yarn.

China 's product quality 365 security query system

1、The entire security standard with fluorescent technology, in the light can reflect the "12365" words.
2、[400 query] scratch coating, enter 20 security code, call 4007 102 365 can check the authenticity (it is recommended to use the plane to make security calls, stable And not easy to make mistakes)
3、[Two-dimensional code security] can use mobile phones to scan two-dimensional code, Enter 20 digits to check Inquiry true and false,

Note: Please note that the security number is unique, so the authenticity of each product can only query once, the first time the network or telephone input security code verification will not be able to query the second time.